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Part-Time Church Salary Staff

I am frequently asked about the rules associated with ministries paying part-time staff a salary and whether or not this is allowed. The answer is [...]

Conversion from Cash to Accrual Basis

As a church auditor; I find that most ministries prepare their internal financial statements on a cash basis which is most similar to how we all [...]

Pastoral Compensation – Reporting and Withholding

Structuring compensation packages and employer taxing/withholding of clergy/pastoral staff can be a bit tricky since there are several rules that [...]

One Fund – Unrestricted

One Fund - Unrestriced Donations received by ministries take on several forms – cash/checks, grants, services, real estate, vehicles and other hard [...]

Housing Allowance – Establishing and Maintaining

Clergy are afforded many tax advantages; but none are as great as the housing allowance exclusion from personal wages. Most ministries know what is [...]

Bargain Sale Rules for Churches

Donations to the local church and other ministries come in several forms including the donation of real estate, but what happens if the donated [...]

Tithe and Offering Count Process

The handling and processing of the Sunday cash tithe & offerings is a critical step in the accounting process and requires appropriate safe guards[...]

Payroll Tax Services

Dennison CPA, PC offers payroll processing and tax services to Churches and other Christian Ministries through our online payroll processing [...]

Funding Solutions Analysis

Construction and building projects are some of the most stressful and complex tasks that any ministry will undertake throughout its organizational [...]

Financial Internal Controls in a Not-For-Profit World

Atlas of Giving™ reported in their “U.S. charitable giving: 2013 results & initial 2014 forecast” that total charitable giving to religious [...]

Church Unrelated Business Income Tax

As a responsible steward of the resources that God has blessed your ministry with; you as leaders are probably looking for avenues to maximize those [...]

Church Staff – Employee or Contractor?

I am frequently asked to help ministries determine whether some of their church staff are considered employees or self-employed contractors for tax [...]

Common Church Payroll Mistakes

Payroll taxes are the most common area in which I see that ministries find themselves in trouble with the Internal Revenue Service. Filing quarterly[...]

To GAAP or not to GAAP

Churches must prepare their financial statements using Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP all the time; right? Wrong!!! This [...]

Internal Controls in a Not-For-Profit World: Church Governance

As is the case with all corporations; church corporations have a board of directors that are responsible for the oversight of the ministry. The board [...]

Fund Accounting with QuickBooks

As is the case with all corporations; church corporations have a board of directors that are responsible for the oversight of the ministry. The board [...]

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